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Berkshire Fence Us In Appeal

Help NAWT Berkshire fix flood damaged fencing through our Fence Us In! campaign 

NAWT's Berkshire centre has suffered from the heavy rainfall that affected many parts of the UK earlier this year and is appealing for support with fixing their flood damaged fencing through their Fence Us In! campaign. 
Areas of fencing have completely given way, others are too fragile to be used safely and a number of the fields are still water logged so the full extent of the damage remains to be seen. Repairing all of the damage is expensive and the centre is faced with a cost of £15,000.
To date the appeal has raised over £3,000 and staff and volunteers are extremely grateful to everyone that has donated so far to help the centre get back on its feet. 
Trindledown Farm is offering a wide range of thank you gifts for donations made towards the campaign. From as little as £2 you could help the centre rebuild its fence posting and make a difference to the animals in their care. 
Find out more about the Fence Us In campaign on the appeal's Just Giving page and please help support our Berkshire centre by sharing it far and wide!