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#RescueAnimalRescue - Contact your MP

What would happen to 1,200 unwanted pets each year if National Animal Welfare Trust centres closed their doors for good?

This is the consequence many rescue centres face if charities like ours do not get emergency government support to cover a shortfall in vital income lost during the forced temporary closure during lockdown.

We’ve been hoping the government would support our sector like it has zoos and aquariums, but so far nothing has been announced despite many popular petitions calling for their help.

Worse still, we are bracing ourselves for a spike in unwanted animals once lockdown restrictions are fully lifted as people’s circumstances at home and at work change.

Politicians have the power to help their constituents – that’s why it’s important to have a dialogue with them and voice your concerns. Animals don’t have a voice but humans can speak for them.

Please can you help charities like NAWT now, by writing to your MP to urge them to raise this issue with the Chancellor?

Tips on writing to your MP

Writing to your MP is actually much easier than you think. You can write a handwritten message or send an email. Whatever suits. The below editable letter template and submission form makes it easier than ever.

Make it personal

Below we have created a letter template and submission form. Feel free to edit the words as you wish to make it personal (if you have a rescue pet of your own you might choose to mention them) and use it to get in touch with your local MP as soon as possible.

Ask for a response

Be clear on what you’re asking of your MP (see the text below) and ask for a response. Make sure you include your contact details too.

Add your first and last name here.
Add your email address here.
Select the constituency that you live in, or start typing the first letters of the area name to jump to the area in the list. If you do not know your constituency, you can search here by adding your postcode or locality - We’ve added as many salutations as possible to this list, but if your MPs name doesn’t pre-populate when using this form, please feel free to edit the letter to add your own salutation.

Emergency funding for animal rescue and rehoming charities. 

My name is [your name will be inserted here in the email sent] and I live in your constituency.

You are welcome to edit the text below as needed. At the end of the message - your name, address and postcode and email address will be added automatically to the email sent to your local MP.
add the first line of your address here.
add the second line of your address here (optional).
Add the third line of your address here, e.g. town or county.
Add your postcode here.
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