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Success Stories

Ask anyone who works or volunteers at the National Animal Welfare Trust and they will tell you the best part is when an animal in need leaves one of our centres to enjoy a new life in a loving home.

You can read some of our stories here and if you feel inspired to help us in our work, then there are many ways you can help.

Have a success story you would like to share? 

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George and Ginger
Hello! My name is George, and my pal Ginger and I found our forever home 2 years ago with our new family, a couple called Evelyn and Vijay.We had been at the NAWT Centre for 6 months, and as I was 6 years old then, I was a bit anxious that maybe people wanted a younger bunny (I’m a bit of a worrier...

Following the loss of our last dog and despite the abundance of adult company in the house we all felt that there was a big empty void that needed to be filled.  After forty plus years of having furry four-legged friends to share our lives with the emptiness was profound.  And that is how the...

Cat - Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean, a beautiful 2-year-old girl with lovely long fur, found it difficult to adjust to life in a cattery. Although she would come to the front of her pen to say hello to visitors, she would often get nervous and hiss at them.All Jelly Bean needed was a loving home, and after 2 months in our...

Cat - Biscuit
Felix is a 2-year-old male cat who came into the Watford centre in February 2019, as he was unable to move with his owners to their new home.Felix is blind, so being in new and unfamiliar surroundings was a big challenge for him, but he didn’t let this stop him living life to the fullest.

Dog - Tizer
A big beautiful rottweiler called Tizer was brought to our Watford centre by the local dog warden in April 2018.He was a friendly boy, who enjoyed nothing more than relaxing in the company of his favourite people, a perfect companion for a very lucky owner.Tizer was with us for just under 10 months...

Dog - Lurcher - Spring
Spring is a beautiful and happy lurcher who moved from Cornwall to the Watford centre in August 2018.After spending 7 months at the Watford centre, this friendly lady met her future family.Spring’s new family knew she was the right dog for them after their first visit, but due to a pre-booked trip...

Dog - Lexi
Lexi arrived at our Watford centre because she wasn’t getting along with the other dog in the home, but during her time at the centre, staff slowly worked on her confidence around other dogs.Lexi is a huge people dog and loves nothing more than cuddling with her favourite people!The day Lexi went...