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Success Stories

Ask anyone who works or volunteers at the National Animal Welfare Trust and they will tell you the best part is when an animal in need leaves one of our centres to enjoy a new life in a loving home.

You can read some of our stories here and if you feel inspired to help us in our work, then there are many ways you can help.

Have a success story you would like to share? 

Email an update and photos of an animal you've rehomed from NAWT to

Cats - cinders and smokey
We recently received a very lovely update from the owners of former Watford centre cat residents Cinders and Smokey: “Hello! We thought we’d send a couple of photos to show how well Cinders and Smokey are settling into their new home. They seem to love it!”

Graham and Elina, the owners of former Trindledown farm resident Diesel, recently gave us a wonderful update on life with their new cat:

Below we have a lovely update from Daniel and David, the proud and happy new owners of cats Jelly and Scarlet:“Jelly and Scarlet have both settled into their new home very well. Jelly enjoys lying on the sofa with us in the evening and being an affectionate cat, he loves having his chin and belly...

We recently received a lovely update from Jenny, the new owner of Athena, who adopted her in November last year. Here is what she had to say:“Athena has progressed so well since her major hip operation in January. After the initial 2 to 3 weeks, she started using her left hind leg most of the time...

Bruce, a black lurcher, arrived at NAWT Berkshire from the pound in February 2019. At first he came across as a fairly relaxed boy with no worries.But then something changed, he became very protective of his room and he began to guard it against anyone who passed, including visitors, volunteers and...

Fiver the rabbit
Below is an update we received from the new owners of Fiver, a handsome rabbit who was recently rehomed from the Bedfordshire rescue centre:“Hello Hula team!Hope everyone is doing ok. Just wanted to send you a little update on Fiver (and his love life!) - after a very slow bonding process over many...

Muffin is a one year old Bengal who arrived at NAWT in a very bad condition, weighing just 1.9kg. Her intestines were the worst the vet had ever seen. Tests suggested it’s likely her suffering was caused by malnutrition and dehydration.Her neglectful start in life meant that she would require...