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When lovely Tia bounced (literally) into our lives!


Following the loss of our last dog and despite the abundance of adult company in the house we all felt that there was a big empty void that needed to be filled.  After forty plus years of having furry four-legged friends to share our lives with the emptiness was profound.  And that is how the lovely Tia, a really handsome lurcher bounced – literally – into our lives in October 2019.

Tia had already spent two of her three years at the NAWT in Watford for really inexplicable reasons.  We saw her profile on-line and a little video and she reminded us of our lovely lurcher/German shepherd cross we lost over two years ago.  Of course, she is not like her in all her ways but her love of play, engagement and cuddles plus with her strange way of ‘talking’, she has more than filled the gap left after the loss of our very last dog, a collie.

We visited her quite a number of times so she became familiar with us.  It was invaluable as we learnt a lot about her and saw her in different situations and of course talking to all the staff handling her was so helpful.  Tia has settled in really well and all the stress related activity that we saw in the kennels at times just never materialised. She is brilliant in the house, and keeps us busy with lots of play, walks and general entertainment with her funny ways.  She is learning also that other dogs can be quite cool if she stays that way too.  She’s a very quick learner and a very clever dog.

A big thank you to all the staff for their help and support and also thank you to Natural Instinct who donated Tia’s raw food diet that sorted out her very upset tummy when she arrived two years ago and helped her gain condition. 

If you read this and are thinking of giving a dog or cat another chance please don’t judge the time that animal may have spent in rescue.  So often it’s just not their fault as we have found with Tia.      

Christine & Christopher Shinn