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Just writing to let you know about a rescue dog we had from you in 2001. Her name is Vienna and she is a border collie cross lurcher, black and white. She was from your Watford branch as that's where we originally come from. She was called Forth then and was rescued from Wales.

She was about 18 months when we got her so is now the grand age of 14 and will be 15 towards the end of this year. I wanted you to know about her and how she is as obviously we would not have had the pleasure of her company without your help.

We moved to Horsham about 12 years ago and she loves her country life down here. More than anything she loves her trips to the beach and a little paddle in the sea.

She has slowed down a bit and is very deaf but she can still give the squirrels in the park a bit of a fright.

We love her immensely and did so from the very first day we brought her home, even though she chewed lots of things  but at the end of the day it's only stuff.  She's not just a dog, she is very intelligent and worldly and is truly a best friend.