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Tri-pawed rescue cat Lola never stops going on adventures!

Tri-pawed Lola was taken to her forever home three years ago, and co-owner Sally has never looked back!

Lola was taken to the Somerset centre after she was mauled by her previous owners dog, which is how she sadly lost her leg, Lola was rehabilitated and then put up for rehoming.

“Lola is really playful and a bit of a diva,” explains Sally.

“She lives with my daughter and is mainly a house cat, but she likes to potter about in the garden from time to time.

“We chose Lola because she is black, and we knew black cats have a tough time being re-homed.

“We’re both devoted to Lola, we adore her and she is such a beautiful cat.

“She’s a great companion and we chose to rescue a cat because we knew after homing her, a space would be freed up for another cat in need.

“She had a bout of pancreatitis which led to an overnight stay at the vets and is now on a prescription diet, but she’s now happy and healthy again.

“It has been amazing to watch Lola come out of her shell and go on her own little adventures, despite being a leg down.

“We love her so much and couldn’t ask for a better pet.”

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