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"Its now been 6 weeks since we took Toby home. He is a great dog, picks up new commands pretty easily - he loves having his chest rubbed and goes all dreamy then flops his head on your lap. 

Wakes up at 5.30 am and we let him out for a wee in the garden - then he goes back to bed for half and hour. Comes in on the bed while we have a cup of tea, then he has breakfast and plays with his cuddly toys for a while - then off to the beach. He goes pavement pounding at lunchtime and then has another run on the beach early evening and by 8.30pm he is ready for bed. 

He is great with all other dogs male or female and has made many friends. He has a fan club in the street as he patrols the front garden quite a lot during the day.

We have had some shoes eaten and the pouffe was chewed at all 4 corners the first 3/4 days, as you would expect for a new home and a puppy!!! (big puppy).

He sits and shakes a paw then his other paw when you say touch or even high five - this must have been training from his other home.

We have attached some pictures of him in various poses, and we cannot imagine life without him now."