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Third time lucky for Seraphina


Through no fault of her own, Serpahina found herself in our care of the National Animal Welfare Trust for the third time in her life in 2015. We’re pleased to say she’s now been rehomed to previous rehomer and NAWT volunteer Yvonne and is doing brilliantly in her new home! 

“She's now known as Phina and has settled in well. She wasted no time in exploring my flat and making herself at home and hasn't stopped purring since she arrived! It’s like she's always been part of my fur family, I haven't seen her grumpy side once since she's been here. Although she does sulk when I go to volunteer in the shop! 

Phina spends most of her day sleeping either on my lap or on a windowsill to keep an eye on her kingdom! She has appointed herself the roll of craft supervisor and likes to help with my knitting and sewing projects - by help I mean pretend to be asleep then attack stray ends of yarn to ensure they are nice and soggy for knitting with!

At night she snuggles up with me in bed- I notice that the centre didn't warn me she snores and is windy in bed! 

She's not sure about the Guinea Pigs and prefers to keep her distance but a few times she has braved sitting on the arm of my chair while they have a cuddle. I'm sure they will all soon be the best of friends, the Guinea Pigs are very curious about her and try to say hello when she approaches their cages.”