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Starving Stanley settles in to new home


2014 started very badly for poor Stanley. This frightened Staffordshire Bull Terrier was found tied to a park bench in the cold, pouring rain on January 6. The most shocking thing about poor Stan was his physical appearance – his body was bony and his muscles were wasting away due to malnutrition.

He clearly hadn’t been fed for quite some time and he weighed in around 4kg less than an adult dog of his size should be. Luckily for Stan there were no other serious medical issues and our Hertfordshire animal care team began the slow process of helping him regain his muscles and weight.

After an initial health setback and a change of diet Stanley began to make a good recovery. His weight reached a healthy 21kg whilst in the care of NAWT and his appearance changed so much that our veterinary nurse aged Stan at around five years old- not 10 as originally thought! The love and attention he received at our Hertfordshire Centre clearly helped his confidence grow. The timid and frightened animal we first saw transformed into a playful, gentle and well-mannered dog.

The best news for Stanley is that he’s found a loving new home with one of our Watford team, Shirkara North, who fell in love with the dog while caring for him.  Stanley has now started his new life with Shirkara and Jack Russell cross Jake, safe in the knowledge he will never have to spend another day going hungry.

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