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A purrfect new owner for handsome Harry


A few months ago, the NAWT centre in Clacton received a phone call from a very worried member of the public about a colony of cats, who seemed to not belong to anyone.

A community effort saw the cats arrive at the centre, where they received medical attention and neutering to prevent further unwanted litters. Whilst these cats were very timid due to their lack of contact with people, with a little love and some time, each of them started to display their unique personalities.

Thankfully, the centre have now been able to re-home all of the cats into loving homes with patient owners, where they have excelled. Harry was one of these cats and, whilst he stayed at NAWT a lot longer than the others (103 days to be exact) he recently found his happy ever after.

Routine blood tests during his time at NAWT found Harry to be positive for FIV; a viral condition that causes a weaker immune system over a matter of years. Whilst FIV is similar to HIV in humans, thankfully there is no risk of humans catching FIV from cats because it is a highly species-specific disease that infects felines only. Although there is currently no cure for FIV and it makes cats more susceptible to other illnesses, many FIV cats can live long, happy lives and make wonderful pets.

After a brief stint in the isolation pen until he was neutered, Harry moved to an outside pen.  He was far happier being outside in the sunshine and loved spending his time sunbathing and exploring the larger enrichment pen.  

Harry significantly improved in the care of our animal experts, his once somewhat feral nature transformed and he became a very affectionate and loving boy. He adored having lap cuddles and drifting off to sleep. He loves his food and you could always hear him chatting away.

The team became slightly concerned when Harry appeared to be losing weight, despite his enormous appetite, and he was losing some fur too. Veterinary investigations found a mass which thankfully proved to be nothing more than an enlarged kidney, which can be well managed.

The animal carers knew this affectionate boy needed a home of his own, and were delighted when an experienced feral cat owner came forward to offer Harry a place.

Harry’s new owner, Dean, had sadly recently lost his own elderly cat who had started life as a stray, and Dean was missing some feline company. He wasn’t put off by Harry’s FIV or his kidney problem or even his balding spots, in fact he fell in love with him from the off. 

On the day Dean came to collect Harry, he was quite emotional, because he was so happy to be able to give this once feral stray a loving home.

Harry quickly settled into his new home, snuggling up on Dean’s pillow at bedtime to be close to him and following him around during the day. Harry adores the sunshine and now because he is already so trusting of Dean, he’s happy to have a cat harness popped on so that he can explore his garden perimeters safely and catch a few rays.  This makes one very Happy Harry!

If you are looking for a special companion like Harry in your life, head over to our rehoming pages.