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Popular girl Kate is a big hit with her new family

Dog - Kate

We have received a very heart-warming update from the owners of former Watford centre dog resident Kate, who found her forever home towards the end of last year:

“We are really pleased to let you know that we have had Kate for over six months now, so we wanted to update you on how she is getting on”.

“Kate is now 24kg compared to 19kg when we adopted her. She has also grown to 74cm (29 inches)”.

“She has loads of new friends in the local area. Her best friends are Monty, an English pointer who is 10 months old, and Buddy, a golden retriever who is 2 years old. They love to chase each other and play!”

“We have worked on her separation and anxiety issues, and Kate is now comfortable to be left in her cosy crate for a short amount of time.”

“She is completely fine off the lead and her recall is fantastic, she comes back to the whistle every time!”

“Finally, she has grown so big that we have had to buy her a new harness. However, we still kept the blue colour as that is how people recognise her!”

“We are so lucky that we found Kate, thank you”.

All the staff at the Hertfordshire centre are thrilled that Kate has settled so well. We wish her and her forever family the very best for their future together.

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