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No more hissing, just purring and happiness from joyful Jelly Bean

Cat - Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean, a beautiful 2-year-old girl with lovely long fur, found it difficult to adjust to life in a cattery. Although she would come to the front of her pen to say hello to visitors, she would often get nervous and hiss at them.

All Jelly Bean needed was a loving home, and after 2 months in our Watford centre, that is exactly what she got!

“We picked up Jelly Bean the Cat on Friday the 14th and she settled in immediately, she hasn’t stopped purring, exploring the house, demanding attention and exuding happiness since!"

"Jelly Bean is our second cat from you guys and we’d just like to say what a pleasure it was to deal with you from day one! Everyone we came into contact with was friendly, professional and informative, we are both very appreciative and grateful for that".

"It’s obvious that Jelly Bean and all her cat and dog friends at NAWT Watford received nothing but the best possible care from you wonderful lot, and she was very lucky to have spent that time with you. We will do our best to care for her and carry on your good work.”

We wish Jelly Bean and her family all the best!