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New home at last for Ebony & Harris

Ebony & Harris

Ebony and Harris were two long-term residents at NAWT’s Hertfordshire centre. After spending many years in the care of the Trust waiting for the right owners to come along, they finally went home in March 2014 with long term supporters Martin and Lindsey Joyce. Here is their update on the pair, now named Ebenezer and Harris.

"Here is a little update for all those people, who, like us over the years, have visited the Watford HQ and stopped to say hello to the two very long-stay cats, Harris and Ebony. Some of you, like us, will have read their story, and wished you had the space to take them. For those who do not know of them, Harris (11) is a three-legged, black cat, who was once feral and is now semi-domesticated, but who is uncomfortable with human touch. Ebony (8) is black with a white ‘locket’, and has polycystic kidney disease and diabetes insipidus, the latter requiring lifelong medication. They had to be rehomed as a pair as they depend upon one another in a very touching way. Additionally, they needed to be indoor cats for a lengthy period until they were thoroughly settled in a new place in case Harris strayed.

Well, just over six weeks ago we brought them home. As a pair of older, black cats with their various issues they have spent a long time waiting for one (Harris has been at the NAWT since 2003 and Ebony - now Ebenezer - since 2008). However, we are grateful they waited for us. Over the past two years or so, sadly, we have lost three Trust ‘boys’ and an ex-stray male puss too, leaving us with one cat only: the indomitable Tilda (another ex-NAWT cat we adopted in 1996 and who will be 19 in August). Our home felt wrong to us and to Tilda, judging by her demeanour, and the two new ones have restored it to the place it has always been. It is lovely to come in to be greeted by them hopping about with excitement! They have settled in so quickly and are such beautiful, exuberant cats and very well-behaved about the house! Ebenezer is the sweetest and gentlest of creatures, and Harris is full of fun. He managed to remove his Trust collar too upon arriving here, in spite of only having one ‘arm’! They remain a devoted couple, but are also brilliant with Tilda, which is very important to us. Harris is already accepting repeated light strokes on his back. Food is the key to his heart, we think, and we are happy to work at Harris’ pace!

We have two messages really. One is to potential adopters out there who might think that cats like these two will be difficult to bring into a home setting: Harris and Ebenezer have probably been the easiest to introduce of all eleven cats we have been owned by. The love and care our two lads received during their many years at the Trust must have helped this transition. The second message is to anyone looking at supporting the Trust in any way: these two cats illustrate how they really will not give up on finding a home for their animals, regardless of the length of time that takes, and the expense and effort involved, which in the case of Harris and Ebenezer were all considerable."