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Need a Spring in your step? Get a Lurcher

Dog - Lurcher - Spring

Spring is a beautiful and happy lurcher who moved from Cornwall to the Watford centre in August 2018.

After spending 7 months at the Watford centre, this friendly lady met her future family.

Spring’s new family knew she was the right dog for them after their first visit, but due to a pre-booked trip, they were unable to take her home until June.

So they decided to visit Spring every single day to show her that she was loved, and when they were away, her new grandparents filled in!

The bond they built over the weeks of daily visits and cuddles meant that bringing her home was very easy - she jumped straight into the car, and when she arrived at her home, she was straight on to the bed as if she'd always been there.

Spring’s new family took her to the seaside during her first week. Even though she was initially found as a stray in Cornwall, she seemed bewildered by the waves and it took her some time to get used to the movement of the water. After that, she was very happy splashing in the water - just like she's always done in her paddling pool.

We’ve received lovely updates about this beautiful girl and her adventures in her forever home.

Her family have said; “She has a lovely paddling pool of her own in the garden at home, along with a sandpit given to her by my nephew (they're the best of friends), and plenty of squeaky toys. She also loves the park nearby, where she has sighthound friends (none of whom are as fast as her) and is very gentle with any small dogs and puppies who come her way".

“We've spent September on holiday touring Wales, and she's done brilliantly to get used to lots of different places and lots of new people, as well as all the new smells and wildlife that have intrigued her (although she did cry briefly when a duck quacked at her)".

“She is the funniest, happiest, most loving dog, and we are so grateful we have her!”