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NAWT rescue cat Harry is a 'perfect companion'

Sophie, who adopted her gorgeous black and white cat Harry last year is thrilled that he has become her best friend.

Sophie and her parents rescued two cats from NAWT Hertfordshire when she was a child in 1994, so when she decided to get her own, she came back to us!

In April last year, Sophie took home gorgeous Harry to 'complete her family’ after moving into a new home.

She explains: “Harry grabbed my attention immediately, he was lying on his bed looking very sleepy, but his eyes were following us as we walked up and down the room.

“He was very needy and wanted a lot of attention, I was lucky enough to take him home a few weeks later on my birthday!

“In the time Harry has spent with us he has made such a positive change, he is now a calm, relaxed and confident cat.

“He no longer needs constant attention, but is happy to receive it anyway! He has a massive garden that he loves to roam in and chase leaves, insects and rodents.

“We think he’s about five, so we’re looking forward to enjoying many more years with him.

“He has completely changed our lives by being the perfect companion and providing us with so much joy every day.

“We’re currently looking at getting him a little sister!”

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