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Muffin the beautiful Bengal has her life turned around


Muffin is a one year old Bengal who arrived at NAWT in a very bad condition, weighing just 1.9kg. Her intestines were the worst the vet had ever seen. Tests suggested it’s likely her suffering was caused by malnutrition and dehydration.

Her neglectful start in life meant that she would require medication and a specialised diet prescribed by the vet for the rest of her life.

After a lot of rehabilitative work, Muffin settled into life at NAWT and her weight increased to 2.75kg. She also displayed more energy and a playful side, even wanting to play with other cats.

A beautiful and very photogenic cat, Muffin was soon discovered and adopted by her new owners.

Below is an update from her new forever family:

“We decided to rename her to Mikah. When she came to us, she didn’t respond at all to Muffin and to be honest we didn’t think she looked like a Muffin anyway!”

“Mikah was asleep on my lap after just three hours of arrival, so we were very encouraged that she was so relaxed and taking it all in her stride”.

“She is a bright, intelligent girl and loves to play like a kitten with her mice, feathers and ball. She loves a sleep on one of our laps during the day, or behind you on the chair or next to the patio door where she can sunbathe”.

“She has a squeaky meow and can be very chatty when she wants her dinner. She has gained weight to a point where we have this week cut back her food by 10%, as she was getting a bit too big!  Her fur is silky soft and the sleekest cat fur we’ve ever experienced”. 

“To ease her boredom, we got a harness and lead to take her for a walk around the garden every day, so that she can safely investigate her new territory and surroundings. She is very relaxed on the lead, much to our son’s amusement, he finds it very entertaining. We’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy!”

“We feel very blessed that she has come into our lives. Hopefully she feels the same!”

Everyone is delighted to hear that she has settled in so well, we are confident that her new owners will give her the very best life, enjoy your new home Mikah!