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13 year old Monty the Westie has found his feet with owner Julie. 

“I just wanted to give you a little update on how my new pal is getting along.

Monty has settled down extremely well. My working routine does not faze him- I work until 3pm daily and have two lovely neighbours who come in morning and afternoon to let him out and give him some attention.  He loves walks, playing and lots of cuddles and attention, being really great with all the family.  Meeting other dogs out and about, he is typically enthusiastic and friendly.  He has travelled well in the car most days and long drives visiting family in Dorset and Northamptonshire, being well behaved in all locations.  A perfect new companion!

The poor little chap had infected ears and had to have antibiotics administered and regular cleaning of these delicate areas, which he found quiet stressful. I must say, having a calm and no nonsense approach when doing these things helped. He is quite food focussed, so has a little treat of his hypoallergenic kibble feed, as a reward throughout.  Of course, he was also unsure of me to start with and had to bond with me, as his new owner.  Kindness, patience and establishing the rules, are the key to successfully rehoming.

 As a Westie, he has historically been plagued with itchy skin and the tendency to lick.  It seems to be related to pollen, as the last couple of weeks as the blossom has increased and the pollen level risen, it has worsened. However, am giving him oil of evening primrose and olive oil (teaspoon in food), which the Vet says is fine and could well help.  Salt water bathing of itchy feet is also happening.  In fact, he has more pampering than me!

 He loves his walks, will walk well off the lead and is very sociable.  A typical male dog means our walks have lots of stops but a quick call of "look Monty, wait, sit" brings him running for a treat.

 A couple of visits to the Vet to check his ears and get more antihistamine tabs to control the itching, has declared him "looking really well" having lost 350g in six weeks, the Vet says "he's a perfect weight, with a little waist".  Vet also says this is probably due to the extra exercise he is getting.  I am being careful not to over-feed, giving treats during the day but within his daily allowance.  

Thank you very much NAWT Berkshire for bringing us together.”