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Mole celebrates 'yappy' ending after nine years at NAWT

After nine years at the National Animal Welfare Trust, a sweet lurcher has finally been taken home.

Mole arrived at the NAWT Cornwall centre when he was a six-month-old puppy, in need of a loving family. Sadly for the next nine years, he waited.

The beautiful black dog has spent almost his entire life in our care, until earlier this year, when Mole finally got to go home with a family of his very own.

Mole struggled fitting into kennel life, despite his long stint, and staff at the centre did everything they could to care for him.

He was a timid and shy canine, and he had not been socialised before he came to the centre.

He was reactive to people and dogs he did not know and he was even frightened of children.

Lucy from our Cornwall centre said: "We’re delighted Mole has found his forever home, his new owner lives in a quiet area so he won’t see people close up very often. 
“Mole has had a good few nights at his new home, his owner heard him having a wander around in the early hours but when she went down to check on him, he just got back on his sofa and went back to sleep.

“Obviously, the longer he was with us, the more stigma gets attached and the harder it is to find a home which is willing to take the time over the transition from kennels to a home. 
"It is a bit strange without him at the centre though!"