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Miss Dior gets used to a life of luxury

Miss Dior

Miss Dior was in the care of our Hertfordshire rehoming centre for over a year before finally finding a home with new owner James. NAWT staff always knew she liked her home comforts and unsurprisingly she has settled in to her new home well. 


I thought you might enjoy seeing Miss Dior posing in her conservatory. She’s a very confident little cat and complained a little bit on the journey home but I was expecting that. Once at home she began exploring immediately – no hiding behind furniture; straight into sniffing around mode. She found her food and water quite quickly in the utility room but showed little interest to begin with. Her litter tray in the conservatory was noted with what looked a little like something of disdain though I noticed this morning that she’s used it.

She spent a couple of hours exploring the new spaces, face marking the furniture (“this is mine”, “so is this”, “your mine”, “this is mine” and so on) and then wanted to play. Later in the evening she came and sat on me, then we played again, then she had something to eat, then she sat on me purring away as if it had always been thus. She seems to be fascinated by the telephone. Whenever I’m talking to someone she jumps on me, reaches up and tries to get the phone; either she wants to hear what’s being said or perhaps she wants to make a call. Time will tell.

She followed me up to the bedroom last night and discovered even more space to explore. She found the bed, with me in it, and convinced herself that there must be a at least one mouse under the duvet. After chasing feet round the bed for a while she discovered the wicker clothes basket in the corner. To her initial delight she managed to get the top off whilst still sitting on it and then surprised herself by falling in. She scrambled out and made a rapid departure back downstairs.

She’d had a little more to eat overnight and had managed to pull a long piece of grass from one of the conservatory plants – she brought it to me to play with whilst I had breakfast. We’ve agreed the plant looks better without it.

Having spent about half an hour at the window watching the birds feeding on the lawn and chattering to them – I’m sure she’s making plans – she supervised the bin men and then, having had a little more food, called me to the back door to show me that the cat-flap doesn’t open (she’s quite vocal). It will, of course, in the fullness of time but my explanation of that was just met with a look of blank disbelief.

We’ve just had another play, cuddle and a purr and now it seems time for a rest."