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Maddy makes herself at home


Maddy was rehomed from NAWT during July 2014. After finding life in kennels very stressful, it didn't take her long to settle in to her new home. We received this lovely update two weeks after Maddy went to her new home:

'Nearly a whole week since Maddy came home with us from the Hertfordshire branch and it's difficult to describe how much this lovely girl has enriched our lives.. and hopefully we hers.  She was a very stressed girl in the centre but each day now sees her relax and blossom into the most loyal, fun and cheeky dog you could hope to meet! She remembers her house training and there have been no little accidents. She is an early riser, luckily it's summer as I found myself playing 'fetch' with her at 6am on Sunday morning!

I have to say a little more about the staff and volunteers at Hertfordshire (and I have no doubt at all the other centres).They are all the most lovely people, every one of them has the animals best interests at heart but it's even more than that, the whole place feels like a mixture of calm professionalism crossed with deep care & love for their charges... a truly world class team!

If anyone reading this has decided that a rescue dog is for them I would say that it is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Maddy is our fourth rescue dog and finding just the right one for you is a mixture of two things... first of course you and your chosen pet (or the dog that chooses you for it often happens that way!) need to develop that special bond - that's where visiting them often is so important after you have reserved them. Secondly, do actively seek and heed the advice of the staff, they know what they are talking about and will help ensure, in a really friendly helpful way, that you and your new family member are a good match. We could easily have missed Maddy without them!!'

'The second week withMaddy has proceeded just as well as the first. Her upset stomach cleared up completely when she first came home, she now eats James Wellbeloved kibble as her main food but she never has (yet) settled in to a feeding routine preferring to just eat when she is hungry. I carefully measure out each morning the correct amount of kibble she should have and put a third of it out in a clean bowl, this dosappears magically by about lunchtime so I repeat with anothert third and the same again about 5pm. She isn't treat motivated which is new to me but she is happy to accept some nice dried beef or pork when she's been a good girl. 

Maddy walks beautifully on the lead and if she gets excited and pulls a little I only really have to get her atention and she relaxes again.

It's a real treat for us both when we meet other dogs on our walks, she has great social skills and can tell which dogs just to say hello to and which to play with.

It's too soon to let her off the lead yet but using the harness avoids that awkwardness there can be between dogs on and off lead meeting (another great tip form you guys!) This is all just as well because her recall is just about non-existent! We are working on it with a 'long-line'. 

I hope that gives you a flavour of life with Maddy, only to add that she will play fetch 'forever' and is trying to rid the world of pigeons, her bark is playful even when telling off squirrels and cats and she has a surprisingly deep and rumbling growl...but she only ever uses it at pigeons in tress above her head :) 


Thank you all so much for looking after her and introducing us to each other. After two weeks we can't imagine life without her, she truly is family.'