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Luna & Harvey become the perfect canine companions

Luna and Harvey

Sadly the Coronavirus has stopped a great deal of things from going ahead, but it didn’t prevent a friendship blossoming between two homeless dogs.

Luna arrived at the centre after being surrendered to the stray pound. Staff didn’t know anything about her past and, when she first came in, she was very overwhelmed and a little nervous. However, it took her no time before she was running around the fields and chasing after toys. 

Two weeks later and Harvey, a young Jack Russell, found himself scared, alone and in need of a safe space. When he arrived he was very timid and, although he wanted affection, he would usually flinch in his kennel.

The animal care team took him under their wing and gave him plenty of TLC to prove that not all humans are bad. They decided to see if Harvey’s confidence would improve in the company of other dogs, so they began socialising him with Luna and, well, the rest as they say is history!

Luna and Harvey became the best of friends, chasing after each other and sharing toys. Luna was so kind and patient with Harvey, showing a lovely different side to her, whilst Harvey became a much more confident little boy.

Both dogs were at the centre when covid-19 was at its worst and the world was a scary, worrying place for humans. However, these two happy pooches were blissfully unaware of the growing pandemic outside and instead focused on having the best time of their life!

Everyone was delighted when a wonderful couple, who had previously adopted from NAWT and were missing some canine company, wanted to take Luna and Harvey home as a pair. Once restrictions were lifted and certain rehomings were allowed to resume, Luna and Harvey headed off very happily to their new home together.

Their new owner reports:

“They have both settled in so quickly, it’s like they have been here the whole time. On the first day at home, they were running in and out of the house, seeming to love the fact that they could come and go as they pleased”.

“On the first night, they curled up together in the same basket and slept the whole night through. When we woke up in the morning, they had crept onto our bed and were sleeping by our feet! It is actually rare now to see them in separate beds”.

“They adore playing together and totally tire each other out. They love nothing more than sitting on our laps being cuddled. We were a little bit worried taking on two dogs, as we’ve only ever been a one dog family before”.

“It turned out to be the best thing we’ve ever done; they love each other and we love them. Luna is perfect for Harvey and brings him out of his shell. Thank you so much for allowing us to be their forever family.”

Everyone at NAWT is delighted that these two are getting to live their best lives, so very deserved! Stories like Luna and Harvey’s are a reminder to all of us of the important role the animal rescue sector plays in our society. Long may their happiness continue!