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Loving new family give superb Sydney a deserved happy ending

Dog - Sydney

Lurcher Popcorn arrived at our Watford centre following a particularly harrowing experience, when he and another dog were cruelly thrown from the back of a moving van on a busy road.

Police attended the scene to find both dogs in a terrible state, filthy and underweight with sores all over their bodies.

Once in the safe hands of our animal care team, Popcorn started to flourish. From the quiet, sad and withdrawn creature that arrived at the centre, Popcorn transformed into a happy, bouncy lurcher who greeted every passer-by with a wagging tail.

It wasn’t a surprise to anyone when he was put on reserve by his future family, this sweet boy deserved to be loved and cared for by humans he could call his own!

His new family let us know how he was doing in his new home; “we renamed him Sydney. He’s settling in very well considering what he’s been through and I’m guessing been through more than we will ever know.”

Taking about the first time they saw him, Sydney's family explained; “Unfortunately we lost our 16-year-old lab the same week we first saw him, and I needed to be around dogs, which might sound daft”.

“I went past his kennel and there was just something about him that kept me going back; he was so gentle and kind”.

“We had a one-to-one with him the same day in a paddock. I thought he would have a runaround, but he snuggled right up to me for a cuddle. Well by then he had won my heart, my 2 girls met him later and fell in love with him too, as did my mum who has mobility problems so used a wheelchair and bless Sydney, he did bat an eyelid when he met her.”

We’re so happy this sweet boy with an awful past, got the happily ever after he deserves.