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Lovely Lexi overcomes stress with a perfect new family

Dog - Lexi

Lexi arrived at our Watford centre because she wasn’t getting along with the other dog in the home, but during her time at the centre, staff slowly worked on her confidence around other dogs.

Lexi is a huge people dog and loves nothing more than cuddling with her favourite people!

The day Lexi went home was a bitter-sweet moment for a lot of the staff, who had grown fond of her during the 160 days she spent at the centre.

Her new family have described Lexi as “one of the most well behaved and loving members of our family”

“We could not imagine life without Lexi. We knew we would have our work cut out once she came home. I am pleased to say that she settled in very quickly, all those behavioural signs shown in the kennels were all down to stress and not natural behaviour.”

Lexi is proof that all a dog needs is a loving family and a place to call their own, and their true personality will shine through.