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Long stay Bessie finds a loving home

After three years at the National Animal Welfare Trust, sweet Staffordshire bull terrier Bessie has finally been taken home.

Bessie first came to us in 2014. She was in need of a loving family but for the next three years, she waited, overlooked and alone.

The beautiful girl was found and a stray and taken to Watford, but staff decided it was in Bessie’s best interest to be moved to our Berkshire centre. 

NAWT staff at the centre in Great Shefford worked tirelessly to find Bessie the perfect home, and last week, they found it! Bessie has finally gone home, with a family of her very own.

Bessie struggled fitting into kennel life, but despite her long stint the staff at the centre did everything they could to care for her.

Because she was so stressed, Bessie began chewing her paws to help her to cope with kennel life. To help them heal, the loving staff gave Bessie regular foot baths.

A spokesperson from the National Animal Welfare Trust, said: “Being a Staffie, Bessie is extremely clever and learnt lots of new things at her time with NAWT through our Open Paw training. She really is an amazing dog.

“She had lots of visitors, and saw her friends come and go over the long years she was searching for a family.

“To give Bessie the send-off she deserved, staff packed her bags, gathered to say goodbye and waved her off to start her life in her loving home.”

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