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From lonely stray to sociable bunny - Lena

Lena Rabbit

This lionhead rabbit was brought in as a stray. Although in good condition, she preferred her own company to others.

Rabbits are social creatures and really need to be kept in pairs. If they’re left alone then they can become very possessive of their food and sleeping areas and generally unwilling to be cuddled or handled by humans. Sadly for rescue rabbits, if they are not used to human company then it can make it harder to rehome them and they often spend much longer with us than then they should. 

This is why we offer behavioural support as much as medical care in order to give every animal the best chance of finding a happy new home.

After being vet-checked, spayed and vaccinated, staff began working on Lena's social skills, taking things slowly in order to help her build their trust. Through time and patience and the arrival of a very experienced owner, she finally went home to live with another rabbit. The pair are nearly spending all their time together and she is now a very different rabbit from the frightened one who first arrived at Watford. 

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