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Kimble and Snuggles were rehomed from NAWT in 1997 and thanks to their owners' care and patience, transformed from fearful to loving lap cats. 

“In 1997 I adopted 2 cats from your rescue centre in Watford- Kimblewick and Snaffle , who we renamed as Kimble and Snuggles. Initially they weren't the friendliest of cats as they had a massive distrust of people and would shred anyone's arms who came near them apart from myself. Within a few months of patience they became the most loveable of cats that loved nothing more than sitting on a knee having lots of cuddles and being brushed. Snuggles was most vocal in her demands for attention. 

In 2003 my daughter was born and the cats adored her and were very patient allowing her to drag them around and stick them in dolls pushchairs etc. We acquired a stray kitten in 2008 which Snuggles insisted on mothering and bossing around. 

Snuggles has always had health problems - she contracted a bacterial infection in 2004 which the vets managed to cure but she has had various problems since then. In 2010 she was diagnosed with Cushings disease which at
times we thought was going to beat her but the cat had more than 9 lives I’m sure! Unfortunately during the summer of 2014 she developed kidney problems that resulted in her losing her sight. Her kidneys were failing and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep. We miss her dreadfully as
she was a big part of our lives but her sister is still going strong at the ripe old age of 17. 

We thought you might like to have heard about the life of one of your rescued animals. When I took her home from you I was advised she probably wouldn’t be a cuddly cat as she hated people so much - she ended up the exact opposite. She was the soppiest cat you could have met and was very cheeky! She would happily steal cheese and other food off you when she thought you weren’t looking - some of our neighbours were silly enough to have BBQs and learnt that the hard way!”