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Kevin and His Owner

I lost my previous dog in January 2019 to bone cancer and because it was too painful to say goodbye, I decided I didn’t want to have another pet.  I dropped off my old dog’s toys, blankets and some food to NAWT Hertfordshire centre at the end of January and that’s when I first saw Kevin who had been at the centre for nearly 2 years.  He wasn’t very friendly and quite aggressive but I really liked him. However, at that point I was still sure I didn’t want another dog. 

During that Summer, I agreed to look after my friend’s dogs when they went on holiday and it made me change my mind about getting a rescue dog.  So I went back to NAWT Hertfordshire and Kevin was still there.  He was still aggressive and the staff told explained he wouldn’t be an easy dog, but I was still interested and started to visit Kevin that summer.  Soon I was visiting every weekend to build a bond with him and he was so gentle and friendly with me as soon as he was out of his kennel.

It was a long journey, but on the 2nd October I managed to take him home and since then he is loving his life!  His skin issues and allergies have all cleared up, he’s on a raw food diet and he has also made some doggie friends; something not thought to be possible initially.  

''love ,patience and some training made him a very nice calm doggie! I am so pleased to have him and managed to get him out from the shelter on the end! He was there  nearly 2.5 years ….''

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