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Jumping for joy with Georgie and Popcorn

Lovely two-year-old rabbits Georgie and Popcorn were handed over to our Hertfordshire centre after their former owner had a new baby, and sadly could no longer look after them.

This gorgeous pair were in NAWT care for over a year, but found their forever home together at the start of September with Cathy, who also owns a German Shepherd and a cat!

New owner Cathy said: “They have both settled in very well. Georgie is still a bit grumpy at times and stamps her feet occasionally, but is becoming more trusting and takes food from our hands and doesn't run away now. 

“Popcorn is always very inquisitive and the first one to come and say hello, which I think is role reversal because we thought Georgie was the boss and Popcorn was the reserved one. 

“They don't seem to mind being watched at times by our dog and cat, and have seen them both running around and the occasional binky jump.”

Rabbits or Guinea Pigs