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Jelly and Scarlet living their best lives with new family

Below we have a lovely update from Daniel and David, the proud and happy new owners of cats Jelly and Scarlet:

“Jelly and Scarlet have both settled into their new home very well. Jelly enjoys lying on the sofa with us in the evening and being an affectionate cat, he loves having his chin and belly rubbed”. 

“If he’s not doing this, he will either be trying to catch frogs from our pond (they are far too quick for him), or begging us for even more food (yes he still has a very big appetite!)”.

“Scarlet is usually a little more shy than Jelly. He will spend most of his time lounging in the bedroom, or going out exploring the alleyways, or our neighbours back gardens”. 

“Scarlet is very affectionate and really enjoys being brushed, he will often come into the living room in the evening and ask us to do this (in cat language of course!)”.

“Both cats get along very well and can often be seen running around the house, or in the garden playing together”.

“Jelly and Scarlet are now very much part of our small family, and have themselves a very loving home”.

“We would like to thank all the staff at the NAWT for the wonderful care given to these two beautiful cats, and to also thank you for helping us make them a part of our lives”.

Everyone at NAWT is delighted that these cats are now with their loving forever family; we wish them all the best for their future together.