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"Four year old Hugo had been at the NAWT centre two times before we took him home in August 2015. He has skin problems (dermatitis) and does not like being around other cats, which stress him out, causing his skin to flare up. We went to see him a few times at the centre in Hayle, he didn't seem the happiest of cats but we wanted an older cat that was struggling to find a home and luckily we could see past his problems. The very first day we had him home, there was a massive difference in his temperament. The first night he was cuddled up to us in bed, purring away. He is like a different cat! His dermatitis has been under control for some time now and he seems very relaxed. We are so happy to have him here with us, and so pleased we have been given the chance to offer Hugo a happy loving forever home. Thank you NAWT! X"