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How rescue cat Brooklyn turned a house into a home!

Cat lover Amanda is sure that her moggy Brooklyn chose her – not the other way around.

She explains: “I  visited the NAWT Hertfordshire cattery and she was hiding the first time I went near her.

“The next minute, this beautiful black and white cat came out, tail up, whiskers and ears forward looking up at me with her big green eyes and she was the most beautiful thing ever! 

“I went in to see her. There wasn't much known about her background because she was found as a stray.

“I knew I had to have her. She was a little timid and is still not a lap cat, but she rubbed around me and I knew she was the one.

“Three weeks later, she came home – it was the best day ever.

“Again, she was a little timid at first with her new surroundings and found a cupboard under the stairs which made her feel safe.

“I spent the first night talking to her in the cupboard and eventually, she came out to sit with me.

“To be honest, she settled in really quickly. Even when going outside she tends to stay in our garden and close to the house.

“She is like my shadow, always by my side. She is much more chatty now and we have long talks about her day and what she's been up to.

“She's not very confident with other people, but slowly comes round if it's not too loud.

“Up until recently she was the only cat, but a stray sometimes visited the garden and she didn't seem to mind.

“They get on really well with each other and as he was looking very skinny, under fed and a little bit scraggy, we have taken him under our wing.

“But I always say it is ultimately her house, and as long as she is OK with him here, then we will be one big happy family!”

Brooklyn is now five-years-old and Amanda wouldn't be without her.

Amanda continues: “She has turned my house into a home and if a scratched sofa, ruined dining room chairs and fur everywhere is the price to pay, it is worth it ten times over. 

“Choosing a rescue cat I think is the best way to get one. The staff really take time to find out about your lifestyle and they know about the cats personalities and what type of home would suit the cat best.

“Frankly, if I could, I would take home all the cats, but I think that would freak Brooklyn out, so it's just me, her and Ralph (our stray).

“Brooklyn is definitely more confident these days and such a happy little girl. It's a joy to have her in my life and I feel very lucky.”

If you're interested in re-homing a cat from NAWT, please click here.