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From hissing to purring, Kiki shines in her forever home

Ellie, an exceedingly shy and scared tortoiseshell, spent most of her day hiding away from the noise and visitors at our Watford centre, sometimes hissing at people who visited her.

Although, at first glance, she didn’t seem like a friendly and cuddly cat, that didn’t stop her from finding a loving forever home.

Once her new family collected her and took her home, her true personality started coming through!

We were thrilled when her new owners told us: “She really is proof that any cat can change given the right home, and thank you all at the centre for giving us the tools we needed to make it happen.

Finally, about 2 weeks ago she let Mark and I stroke her. One of the pictures I attached shows her being stroked and you can see she loves it. She purrs instantly once you stroke her, which I'm sure you'll agree is very rewarding for us to see.”

With the right loving home Ellie, now called Kiki, was able to become the happy and friendly cat she really is.