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'Having a NAWT rescue cat is so rewarding - despite the hair'

Becca re-homed her beautiful cat Chelsea almost five years ago – and she’s thrilled she chose a rescue cat.

“Chelsea must be around 10 now. She has relaxed, and she has become ever so loving over the years,” Becca explains.

“I have seen her come from being shy and scared to being bold and craving attention and love all the time.

“She loves to be around people, which makes me think she had a family life before us even though she was picked up as a stray.

“We have no other pets because sadly she's still not so keen on other animals or children really.”

Chelsea was up for re-homing at our Hertfordshire centre in 2012.

Becca added: “I would always choose a rescue cat, they are so thankful and deserve another chance.

“I have no negatives on my experience other than the cat hair, constant meowing for food, and the worry when she disappeared for five days!

“Apart from that, it is so rewarding having her and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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