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Guy Collie

We recently received this update from Guy the Collie who was rehomed from NAWT last year- although he’s an older dog it doesn’t stop him causing mischief! Guy now lives on a farm just down the road from our Somerset centre and staff receive regular updates on his cheeky behaviour from his owner who bakes cakes for the centre’s barn sales and afternoon teas.

“Hello to everyone at Heaven’s Gate. Since my last letter I’ve managed to eat four bread rolls accidentally left on the work surface. I also tried to grab a duck but crashed in to an electric fence and some pig mush! I have been told I was lucky not to receive a shock but I certainly got told off. Also one day a newspaper got knocked on to the floor and I chewed a hole right through the centre of it!

The top photo is one of me resting on ‘my’ windowsill last autumn. The other one was taken on 8th April 2015, one year after I moved here. It was taken at the bottom of the wood on my daily ramble, when I get to find biscuits in the ivy at the edge of the path.

Lots of love, Guy”