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George and Ginger

Hello! My name is George, and my pal Ginger and I found our forever home 2 years ago with our new family, a couple called Evelyn and Vijay.

We had been at the NAWT Centre for 6 months, and as I was 6 years old then, I was a bit anxious that maybe people wanted a younger bunny (I’m a bit of a worrier!). But I need not have been uneasy because Evelyn fell in love with us on her first visit when we sat in her lap and I looked up at her with my big brown eyes.

A few weeks later we were in our new home. It took me a while to settle, but Ginger helped me to be brave and feel comfortable in our new place.

We have lots of space to run around, and a big indoor tunnel system that we love to race through, or relax in our ‘villa’ (it’s a kennel, but villa sounds much grander!). We also like to snuggle up with each other in a cardboard box, before we chew it to pieces.  In the summer we have a large outdoor run where we enjoy digging, doing some binky jumps, listening to the sounds of nature and feeling the wind in our fur!

Ginger is the queen of the castle and I do what I’m told.  Sometimes she eats my food, but that's okay - I love her anyway! And Evelyn gives me lots of extra attention while Ginger is off exploring somewhere. If I do my special trick (hopping up onto the little stool), I always get a treat (or two, or three).

Evelyn says we are fantastic (of course!) so if you are thinking about giving a home to a couple of bunnies, she says ‘go for it’!

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