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Gentle Poppet lifts owner’s spirits during lockdown


It’s no secret that pets make the best companions. During this awful pandemic, they have been a life line for many people who find themselves isolated from normal life.

Poppet, a 10 year old Staffie, was rehomed last year to a wonderful lady who was eager for some canine companionship.

Poppet is a very easy-going soul, who doesn’t ask for much in life. She loves a gentle daily stroll, lots of cuddles and quality nap time.

The two are a perfect match and Poppet’s new owner couldn’t be more pleased with her new best friend. She absolutely adores Poppet and finds her to be brilliant company, particularly during this lockdown where socialising with friends and family is very restricted.

She says: “I thank God every day for Poppet, as I have no idea how I would have got through isolation without her. I love her to bits, she is so gentle and kind. My favourite girl ever, who has brought so much extra to my life”.

For many people living alone, pets are a crucial part of everyday life. They help prevent loneliness and isolation, which are on the rise due to covid19. Thankfully, rescue dogs like Poppet are making a huge difference and improving the quality of their owner’s lives.