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Fiver brings joy and love to his new owners

Fiver the rabbit

Below is an update we received from the new owners of Fiver, a handsome rabbit who was recently rehomed from the Bedfordshire rescue centre:

“Hello Hula team!

Hope everyone is doing ok. Just wanted to send you a little update on Fiver (and his love life!) - after a very slow bonding process over many months, Fiver and Snurfette have made it official and moved in together in the bunny shed!!

It’s been a slow burn between them, but they’ve started what I hope will be a long and happy friendship.

Fiver is thriving, he’s relaxed and quite happy to let me have a stroke of his head. He has an apple tree next to his bunny shed, so he gets apple branches and leaves as a treat.

He continues to have the run of the garden each day when we’re with them outside, (we’re attaching a run to the shed this week for when we can’t be here) and he does some impressive zooming when he’s not dozing in his favourite little spot or pottering around. 

We just absolutely love him, he’s such a special bunny!“

Everyone at NAWT wishes Fiver and his new owner all the best.

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