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Diesel fills new family home with joy through lockdown


Graham and Elina, the owners of former Trindledown farm resident Diesel, recently gave us a wonderful update on life with their new cat:

“Elina and I adopted Diesel in mid-March, the same week the first lockdown started, so she has been with us around 8 months. We moved into our new house in January of this year, and knew immediately that we wanted to have a furry family member join us. We don’t have any children, so having some company in the house was what we were looking for. We’ve been visiting the NAWT centre at Trindledown for many months now, as Elina loves the alpacas there, we sponsor them too because our garden just isn’t big enough! So it was a natural plan for us to see if any of the boys and girls looking for new homes there would be right for us”.

“Originally, we had planned to give a dog a new home, but as soon as Elina read the introduction for Diesel that was it! She was described as having “catitude” and she certainly has that! She’s very much a cat on her terms, she’ll come and sit on Elina as close to her face as possible, but if you try to give her a stroke when she doesn’t want one, you’ll know about it! But she really loves to cuddle up, with Elina especially, which makes all the working from home we’ve done during the pandemic a lot of fun. To start with, Diesel didn’t really grasp the concept of working from home, if we’re home then we can pay her attention, right?”

“Having her join us has been brilliant, straight from the first minute she took over the house.  We let her out of the carrier and she stepped straight out and went to explore. A quick inspection to confirm that she had food, water and litter and that was it, she decided she was adopting us. She settled into our routine extremely well, almost too well as she has decided that weekends don’t apply and that if she gets food at 6am Monday-Friday, then lie-ins are invalid and 6am is breakfast on Saturday and Sunday too!”

“Every day she starts with the same routine, waiting in “her room” (we no longer have a guest bedroom!) for dad to make an appearance at 6am, at which point breakfast is served while coffee is made. After breakfast, she’ll come and join mum and dad for a cuddle and if mum’s not awake, she soon will be! Once the work day starts, she will mostly settle down and sleep in mum’s office and wait for mum to finish work. Her time keeping is impeccable, if mum works a minute longer than normal, Diesel reminds her that she has other duties, aka cat attention, to attend to. In the evenings, she likes to make sure dad is fully aware that dinner time is approaching, just in case he gets distracted”.

“Sometimes we wonder if we did actually adopt a dog, as Diesel loves to spend her time around us. She has full access to the garden throughout the day, but rarely steps out unless mum and dad are outside; at which point she comes along too. She’s not much of a climber or jumper, so we’ve had a few adventures after exploring just a little too far out of the window and needing some ‘help’ to get off the conservatory roof. But remember Diesel isn’t much for being touched, so “be quick hooman while helping me down”!”

“Overall, it’s been an adventure having her join us and I don’t think we’d have made it through 2020 without having her in our home. The way her head will just pop up at the side of the bed or the end of the sofa, and she announces her arrival with a squeak while jumping up has become a signature of the day. She loves to hunt her bird toys…just so long as you remember she deserves a treat at the end of it! She adds character, life and fun to every day for us!”

The whole team at the Berkshire centre are absolutely thrilled that Diesel has settled so well. We all wish them the very best for their future together.

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