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"Dear all the lovely people at NAWT,

Delilah had been dumped in a bucket with a kitten she had just given birth to, in the pouring rain when someone found her and took her to NAWT so she didn't have a great start of being a Mum. She later gave birth to two more kittens who also had to be rehomed at the rescue.

I had just lost my Cat 'Issy' after 17 years and I was heart broken and knew I needed to help a rescue animal to make me heal and to give another cat  chance of a home. As I was still very emotional at the time even though it had been a month I looked on the site first and read all the stories about the cats. I had decided that I didn't want a kitten like I had previously had  as I knew the kittens were rehomed  very easily.

After looking at the site I had decided on looking at 5 cats that were over 2 years so I  phoned the rescue to ask when I could come and see the 5 cats. Jane Matthews a member of staff at the rescue who looks after the cats only asked about my lifestyle, living environment and work commitments so she knew my needs and told me  about each cat requirements .  Jane's Advice was paramount as she's  one of the carers that look after the cats everyday and knows their personalities so we knew which would be best for me .  I was very strict with myself and only looked at the cats I was interested on the site after asking Jane's Advice.

Although Delilah on paper was one of my favourites I didn't see her till last and the minute I held her I knew she was the one as my heart leaped for the first time in a month..... Delilah had been in rescue about 4 months as she had to be spaed after having the kittens and to get her better as she  had eye infection, flees and ticks.

The day I brought Delilah home was like Christmas Day when I was a child and I couldn't believe her face when she realised she was in a home she came up to me and kissed me as I was laying in the floor . Within 30 mins she had done her business and eaten and was cuddling up to me as if she had know me all her life.

The joy Delilah has given me is beyond words as I was hurting so my after Issy. I miss Issy still but Delilah is nothing like Issy as they look different and have totally different characters. Getting Delilah was the best thing for me and hopefully for her. Although she's a lot naughtier than Issy I love her dearly.

I  had  Delilah two days and she managed to get out by one of my windows, fear flew through me and I opened the French doors and called her and she came back straight away!! I kept my door and windows totally closed after the scare. Delilah is still eating me out of house and home and loves her garden especially in the spring/summer though I always have her come in when getting dark so I know she's safe.

From the first day my friends and family commended on her waggy  tail like a dog which  I believe  was because she  so happy to be in a home and not a cage. If you are thinking of rehoming a animal please read their stories and take advice from staff and rehome a animal. You see the joy in their face and in turn you fall in love with them. Your new pet will never replace you previous animal but you find another to cherish."