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Delightful Drago gets his long overdue happy ending


The story of Drago is certainly an emotional roller-coaster, but now at last this handsome hound is looking forward to many more ups than downs.

Discovered during a police raid as part of a drugs investigation, poor Drago was used for breeding puppies with his mother Roxy. Both dogs were kept in a dark, filthy cupboard under the stairs with just a pillow for company. Thankfully, he eventually found safety with the team at NAWT Berkshire.

Animal carer Natasha spent months socialising Drago, helping him learn to trust humans again after such a harrowing start to life. She would regularly take him on adventure walks further afield and introduce him to all the little things he had never seen in his seven years of life under the stairs. Every trip was designed to teach him something new that would help prepare him for life in a loving home.

Drago’s internal scars from his past left him with some very specific homing requirements, which made finding his perfect home that bit more difficult, so Natasha dedicated lots of time to showing him how to be happy during his time in rescue.

Described as a big and beautiful softy by the animal care team, Drago waited patiently for a new owner to come along. He eventually gained more confidence and even turned into quite the poser, happy to be photographed for the centre Facebook page on numerous occasions.

Being such a handsome and photogenic dog turned out to be a useful hidden talent, when eventually one of his posts attracted the attention of his new owner and best friend.

We’re so thrilled to be able to say that he is now living his best life and giving his owner so much joy every day!

We recently received the following lovely update:

“Drago has settled into his new home and environment wonderfully well, and has met his neighbours and other members of our family”.

“He has especially bonded with our 14 month old grandson, who shares his biscuits and ice creams with him! Drago is so gentle with him, it's as if he knows he is only small”.

“Drago is sleeping and feeding well. He enjoys his play times with our sons, as well as walks every day”.

“It's wonderful to see all the hard work the Trindledown team put in coming to fruition in helping this lovely dog have a normal life, giving our family such joy and fun again after losing our previous boxer dog”.

Enjoy the green grass and comfy life Drago, you more than deserve it!