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Cuddly cat Aloe is an instant hit

Cat - Aloe

We have had a wonderful update from the delighted owners of Aloe, who they adopted in 2020 from our Berkshire centre.

"Dear team at Berkshire NAWT,

We first met Aloe (then called Aloh) over a year ago in May 2020, just weeks after we had unfortunately lost one of our little girl cats to cancer.

Aloe was the cuddliest cat we had ever met, and we instantly fell in love with her. The adoption process, despite the pandemic, was made smooth and simple by your team and within days of first meeting Aloe, she was welcomed into our family.

We had a slightly rocky start, as our other little girl Poppy had quite enjoyed being the head honcho since her sister's passing! But they have now settled down, each having their own favourite places to nap, as well as favourite laps!

Aloe remains the cuddliest cat ever. At night she will try to lie on your face, if you're napping she will curl up against you, and if you sit down for a second, she's on you!

She is also the loudest snorer I have ever known, and has recently taken to stealing her sister's 'presents' and leaving them - dead or alive, it doesn't matter - in our bed! She is the fiercest hunter of hair ties and will meow triumphantly when she 'catches' one.

Because of her age, and presumably her slightly wild lifestyle before arriving at NAWT, Aloe has had to have eight teeth removed since she came to her forever home. She now only has three left! She also has polyps in her ears that are currently being treated by steroids (which she hates!). But overall she is a very healthy, happy, spoiled cat.

Thank you all very much for your hard work. Because of you, Aloe will never have to want for anything ever again.

Best wishes,
Zeprina-Jaz Ainsworth (mum), Robert Davies (dad), Poppy and Aloe!"


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