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Cinders and Smokey are a delight for new family during lockdown

Cats - cinders and smokey

We recently received a very lovely update from the owners of former Watford centre cat residents Cinders and Smokey:


“Hello! We thought we’d send a couple of photos to show how well Cinders and Smokey are settling into their new home. They seem to love it!”

“They have a couple of very lively playtimes with the kids for an hour or so each day, and are super curious and desperate to find out what’s behind each door in the house, though so far we’re keeping them in my office and the hall, stairs & landing. (So they have plenty of room to race around but not too many new areas to explore or get confused by yet)”.

“They’re eating well, are happily using their litter trays, and love attention - they have taken very well to all the family”.

“With this new lockdown, they will have a lot more company than we’d expected! And we are so glad we were able to bring them home”.

“Thanks for looking after them so well! From Amanda, Andy, Austin & Morgan”.


The whole team at the Hertfordshire centre are delighted that Cinders and Smokey have settled so well. We all wish them the very best for their future together.

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