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A beautiful ending for sweet old boy Rufus


We recently heard from the happy new owners of adorable Rufus, a 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier, who was rehomed from the Cornwall centre, having previously spent many years at the Berkshire centre. Below is a lovely update from his new family:

“I am pleased to say that Rufus has settled in very well. From the very first day, he showed us how much he loved us with licking and cuddles, sometimes he pins you down and won’t stop licking!”

“He is letting me clean sleep from his eye, and will lift his paws up for me to check them. He will let me put a harness on, which is great as he walks so much better on a harness. He still does not like the muzzle, I don’t think that will ever change, but with treats he puts it on”.

Rufus arrived at NAWT Berkshire when he was 10 years old in sad circumstances, his previous owners had to give him up because they could no longer care for him.

His new owners didn’t discover him until he was aged 16 years, so he spent a long time in rescue before being adopted. However he is still very spritely for his age!

“For a 16 year old dog, he is very active and goes on a couple of long walks a day (luckily I know routes that avoid main dog walks). We have had no accidents in the house and he doesn’t chew things (except the post!). Every now and again, he has mad moments and dashes around the house or garden at full speed. He also likes to curl up in the garden and snooze in the sun”.

“He has had no guarding issues either, he has several spots where he likes to curl up and go to sleep. He is a real character who is clever and a little bit sneaky when he wants something!”

“Rufus has made a huge difference to us since we welcomed him to our home. He is an absolute joy, a real character, he give us lots of love and fun, he is very giving and just wants to be with us all the time”.

“During these unprecedented times, he has brightened up our lives. Walking him has got us back into taking long country walks and it makes us get out more”.

“We would not be the same without him and hope he is loving his forever home. He is definitely young at heart and hard to believe he is 16 years old!”

We are absolutely delighted that Rufus now has the loving home that he fully deserves, everyone at NAWT wishes him and his new owner all the best. They certainly have a nice long summer full of memorable walks to look forward to!