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Beautiful Biscuit gets his purrfect home

Cat - Biscuit

Felix is a 2-year-old male cat who came into the Watford centre in February 2019, as he was unable to move with his owners to their new home.

Felix is blind, so being in new and unfamiliar surroundings was a big challenge for him, but he didn’t let this stop him living life to the fullest.

Shortly after arriving, staff noticed that Felix was walking a little strangely, and after a trip to the vets, we found that his right hip was missing. This could have been a birth defect or the result of an old road traffic accident, but without his full medical history, we can't be certain.

During the few months Felix spent at the centre, a member of the Watford team fell in love with the beautiful ginger boy, and after making the necessary adjustments to prepare their home for his additional needs, he was finally taken to his forever home.

Felix, now called Biscuit, has been described as “a confident and affectionate boy, who loves nothing more than playing with his best cat buddy and eating a few tasty treats".

"Being at the centre most days meant that I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with him, pretty much every day, until the day he came home. He settled in instantly because I was already familiar to him.”