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Beautiful beagle pair thriving in 'fur'ever home

Milly and Molly are a pair of young beagle sisters that came into our Clacton centre earlier this year. They had previously lived as part of a much larger group and had had litters before coming to us.
When they arrived at NAWT, they were very scared of the sights and sounds of the outside world.
Luckily for them, a lovely couple came along to offer them the love and security of a forever home, and with lots of patience and understanding, the girls are thriving in their new life!
They are playful and affectionate and Molly has got quite the reputation as a sock thief!!
They enjoy long, daily walks and are coming along far with their training, now confidently socialising with other dogs and experiencing the big wide world.
It isn't always easy re-homing a pair of dogs and they often find themselves in kennels a little longer than their single counterparts.
But as you can see, these two are peas in a pod and the bond between them has never been stronger!!
We are so glad they are getting to enjoy the life they deserve together.
The National Animal Welfare Trust will never give up on an animal who needs our help, and we are thrilled to hear these beautiful girls are doing well.