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“Hello Everybody, Bambi here. I just wanted to give you all an update on how Bandit and I are getting on. So, as you know we got here on 1st Feb 2015. We were not really bothered by the drive or our new home we had a bit of a hop about, looked around and it seemed to be fairly nice size with plenty of room so we just chilled out after the journey.

The next day, I really didn’t feel like coming out to say hello- I was just a bit tired after finding a new home but I think I worried our new friend, Clare, as she kept on peering at me.

Anyway, I quickly got over that because there was so much to see. Mostly we like jumping up at the pen when she comes in the room. She lets us out every morning and evening and we jump all around the flat. Mostly we like doing binky’s up the hall way although I have crashed in to the hall cupboard a few times!

Bandit is being his usual mischievous self; honestly it’s hard to keep track of him! He goes in all the places I don’t think we’re meant to be... like down the side of the bed, on top of the bed and if he gets up on the sofa, he just seems to want to go higher. Clare and I were considering getting him some mountaineering gear.

Mind you I fancied a look behind the TV unit on Thursday, luckily I didn’t really fit. Clare didn’t see me at first as she was too busy trying to see what bandit was doing. Although I’m sure he mostly spends his time trying to look innocent; pulling the whole “I’m just munching my hay” when he’s really hunting out the next place to explore!

I still love cuddles, I nudge Clare if she stops stroking me and the other night she groomed me for a whole hour! I just laid my head on the little pillow mat we’ve got while she did it. Bandit came over to see what was going on and she started stroking him- I soon put a stop to that and batted her hand until she stroked me again.

The food is pretty good here. This morning I think we nearly made Clare fall over as Bandit and I had great fun running in circles around her feet as she tried to walk from the kitchen to the pen with our food.

We like Clare a lot, but we still love each other the best.

Toodles for now, I’m sure I’ll write again soon... if I have the time with all the climbing, exploring, cuddling and eating!

Bambi & Bandit”


Rabbits or Guinea Pigs