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Alfie settles in straight away

Alfie and his new toy

Alfie was rehomed from NAWT's Somerset rehoming centre in May 2014 and settled in to his new home straight away. Here's an update from his owners, Judy and Svend. 

‘We would just like to say a huge thank you to you all at Heaven's Gate, we are delighted by the new addition to our family.

Alfie has settled in beautifully and it feels like we have had him for months as he seems to read us very well and has adapted to our routine.

He is a wonderful and gentle natured dog and it took him 3 days to decide that he belonged to us and would notify us when strangers were around. Before that he wasn't sure it was his place and so we didn't hear a peep out of him. His bark is as mellow as he is.

He loves our son's dog Loki, a Staffie, and enjoyed playing in the garden with him and my parents he now greets as long lost friends. The hens he thought were for chasing but he it only took a couple of 'No' s for him to realise that they are part of the family and now just shows the right amount of interest. He doesn't steal food off the side and at meal times he lies on his bed or under the table and doesn't beg. He is gentle when taking his treats and this has worked well when out on a walk and we do recall work with him when small furries and pheasants are about.

He had one small habit which we are working on and he has responded well too and that is he liked to chew his lead! It will soon be a thing of the past without taking the excitement out of getting ready for a walk.

He has met our neighbours’ dogs and after the initial staying close to heel with a touch of apprehension, he soon chilled and now they are firm friends.

We took him to our vet to say hello and he didn't seem to be bothered by the smells and greeted her and the nurses as he does all people, with a wag and a lick.

There has not been any whining or pining so we feel confident that he is happy here. He certainly is pleased at our return when we have left him for a short while. We did the leaving thing, individually at first, just to see his reaction, and then we left him with just our nephew in the house and he was fine on all occasions. His first time completely alone he watched us leave through the window and was asleep under the table when we got back. His greeting was not over anxious but happy we had returned, so we know if we have to go anywhere without him, he is not distressed.

I have attached some photos taken of Alfie on his walks and around the house so you can see how he has become part of the family and is already well loved.’