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After waiting over two years, glorious Gael gets her purrfect loving family

Cat - Gael

Gael spent over 2 and a half years at our Watford centre waiting for the perfect home, she wanted to be the only pet in a home with adults or families with children aged 14 and over.

She waited patiently, chatting to all who came to visit her until finally, her new family came to take her home!

After a few weeks, we received an update from her family; “After just three weeks, she is a relaxed and affectionate cat that loves being stroked.  She is very much enjoying her new home and we couldn’t be happier with her!”

Gael has settled in perfectly and surpassed all our expectations, considering she was quite temperamental when we visited her at the centre.”

Some pets can find being in a rescue centre very stressful and don’t always put their best paw forward, so we absolutely love finding out how happy and relaxed they are in their forever homes.