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Adorable Athena helps new owner cope with lockdown


We recently received a lovely update from Jenny, the new owner of Athena, who adopted her in November last year. Here is what she had to say:

“Athena has progressed so well since her major hip operation in January. After the initial 2 to 3 weeks, she started using her left hind leg most of the time. When you realise that she has no hip joint, this really is remarkable”.

“We started off with several short walks each day. As she grew stronger and more confident, we made the walks longer and less frequent. We now walk for about 1 hour in the morning and up to 30 minutes in the early evening”.

“She is so inquisitive. When we are out walking, she will try to investigate every open gateway and stops when someone gets out of their car, wanting to know what they are doing”.

“We are working together to improve her social skills with other dogs. Fortunately, she usually listens to me long enough for the other dog and owner to pass by. We all then continue our walks peacefully”. 

“She is definitely not a morning girl.  I always say “good morning” when I unclip her crate and sometimes I have a grunt or wag of her tail, but usually she is buried under her blankets! Eventually, usually around 9.30am, she might eat a small amount of breakfast and then bury herself in my duvet or under the fleece throw on my lounge chair. When I call her for “walkies” she gets so excited and will hassle me to hurry up”.

“Her favourite toy is a large, round, fluffy pig. When I ask her where “Miss Piggy” is, she races off to find her and then chases around the house and garden, throwing the toy in the air. If she should press the squeaker, she jumps back with surprise and then creeps up and grabs “Miss Piggy” and the game continues. It really is great fun for Athena and also for us who are watching”.

“She is the happiest, most loving little dog. Her favourite place is my lap, whenever I sit she immediately jumps up, settles down and sleeps contentedly”.

“From the moment I brought her home from the centre last November, she has fitted in with every aspect of my life. I live on my own since my husband passed away last year, and although my family all live locally, I don’t know how I would have coped with the lock-down without Athena. She is my companion, my best friend, my life saver. I am so lucky to have found her, hopefully she feels the same”.

Everyone at the centre is so happy for Athena and her new owner, we hope they continue to enjoy many more adventures and lap cuddles together!